Book by Patricia Goldberg  Music & Lyrics by Jeff Reim


 March 9 to 18, 2018 at Gratz College Theatre 

     (sold out Thurs. 3/14, 3/15;  no show Tues. 3/13 or Fri. 3/16)       

A destitute shoemaker is bewildered and delighted by the new shoes that magically appear overnight in his shop. The enchanted visits mark a new life for him and his wife, but who is really responsible? Based on the the Grimm Brothers' tale.

Running Time: 55 minutes

                                    (plus a 10 minute intermission on non-school days)

Recommended for Ages 3+

Puss 'n Boots - (Sara Gafgen)

Sprite (Erica Zimmer), Elfish (PJ Schweizer)