Show Photos from Past Productions

(Photos by Mike Levin)

Snow White

Queen  (Vanessa Sterling)

Mirror/Huntsman/Prince (Luke Bradt)

Snow White (Haley Benson)

Sunny/Braggy (Erica Zimmer)

Hungry/Bossy (Colleen Murphy)

Jumpy/Pokey/Ari (PJ Schweizer)

Snow White March 2019

Adventures in Toyland

Pirate Pete (Chris McCollum)

Captain Combat (Nathan Landis Funk)

Rag Doll (Aileen Goldberg)

Princess Ballerina Belle (Emily Cheney)

Michael (PJ Schweizer)

Adventures in Toyland   Dec 2018 

Princess  and The Pea

Queen Wendilyn  (Maryann Bucci)

King Edward (David Mulholland)

Prince Louis (Jacob Schrimpf)

Princess Jerserylee (Kristina Coia)

Princess Georgianna (Laura Barron)

Princess and the Pea May/July 2019

Wizard of Oz Dec. 2019

Wizard of Oz

Aunt Em/Good Witch  (Molly Tower)

Hickory/Tinman (Jeff Reim)

Corny/Scarecrow (Carl Nathaniel Smith)

Leo/Lion (Joel Guerrero)

Dorothy (Aileen Goldberg)

Ms. Glitch/Wicked Witch (Faith Sherman)

Professor/Wizard of Oz (Mark Cairns)

Toto (Lucky)